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Cabinets are like the backbone of any room they’re in. Most of the time our selection process starts at what style and color of cabinet our customer is looking for.


Cabinetry has come a long way and it is still reinventing itself each year with technology advancing and artisans growing their knowledge and skills.

There is nothing better than a manufacturer-finished cabinet, the quality, the finish, and the way it was packaged and delivered. From the first initial appointment to ordering your cabinetry, we are here to guide you along the way!

Cabinet Styles.JPG

If you like the style of your cabinet doors and they are in fairly good shape, we can help them look new agan by removing dirt and grease while touching up scuffed areas and changing the color as requested.

Get a completely new look for your kitchen by replacing all your cabinets with a new design tailored to fit your needs and design style. Replacement involves the installation of all new cabinet bases and doors. 

Re-facing involves replacing doors and drawer fronts while resurfacing cabinet face frames and end panels to match. If your cabinets are in good shape, refacing can breathe new life into your tired, old and outdated kitchen without breaking the bank.


 Click on the images below to view galleries of each door style. All doors come in every color and finish shown.

Cinnamon Maple.jpg
Mocha Maple.jpg
Mahogany Maple.jpg
Creme Maple.jpg
Geige Maple.jpg
KBS Cabinet Pearls White.jpg
White Shaker

Cinnamon Maple

Mocha Maple

Chocolate Maple

Mahogany Maple



Experience the superior quality and transformative power of cabinetry reflecting the legendary perfection that is Nations craftsmanship.

White Maple

Pearl Glazed

Geige Maple

Cream Maple

KBS Cabinet Shaker Gray.jpg

Castle Grey Shaker

KBS Cabinet Shaker Coffe.jpg

Shaker Coffee

Expresso Maple.jpg

Espresso Maple

Black Coffee.jpg

Black Coffee



Dura Supreme Cabinetry delivers a unique combination of outstanding value and leading-edge design in hand-crafted, American-made cabinetry.

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